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Monday, August 17, 2015


  • Homework
    • Math Homework will be assigned daily. Your child will be required to complete a math worksheet, in pencil, and return it to the homework basket before school begins on the following day. Any incomplete or missing homework will receive a homework ticket. If two worksheets are missed in one quarter then a referral will be issued. Two referrals result in a detention. 
    • Spelling Words: Friday spelling tests will begin next week. Please study the words before Friday's test. These words will become more difficult as the year goes on. This is the first step to help instill good study habits in your child. All spelling tests will be entered into the grade book. 
    • Reading Logs: Your child will bring home a "JUST RIGHT" book every day in a plastic reading folder. Please take time to read this book and log the time spent reading. Return this folder, book and log the following day. The student will exchange the old book for a new book. 

  • Behavior
    • I use a clip chart to manage behavior. The student can move up or down on the clip chart depending on positive or need for improvement behavior.  Behavior will be logged in your students behavior/homework folder. This folder will come home daily. Please initial the calendar box daily to show that you have viewed your child's behavior for that school day. 
    • If your child reaches the top of the clip chart then he or she will get to choose a reward coupon from my box.   

  • Responsibility 
    •  I do not check backpacks or lockers for notes or homework. The student will be responsible for turning in homework on time. 
    • Your child is responsible for choosing a new book for their Reading Log. 
    • Accelerated Reader goals will be met at school. 
    • Using Time Wisely. 
    • Respectful, Responsible and Safe in all school settings

  • Accelerated Reader
    • Each quarter your child will have a goal to meet. This goal is met by reading books and taking a short comprehension test online. These tests can only be taken at school. No exceptions.  Twenty minutes of silent reading time and taking test will be given daily. If your child meets their goal all four quarters they will be recognized at the end of the year program. Quarterly rewards will also be given. 

  • STAR and Aims Web Testing 
    • STAR and Aims Web are two types of tests that your child will complete four times throughout the year. These tests will document the growth or areas in need of improvement. I will discuss your child's scores during conferences. You will also receive occasional progress monitoring print outs to keep you up to date. 
    • Aims Web testing will show progress in reading and math. Your child is required to read a MINIMUM of 40 words per minute by the end of the year.  The average words per minute read in first grade is around 60. I encourage you and your child to practice reading at home. 

  • Supplies
    • Snacks are welcome and the kids enjoy them during milk time. Please remember to send in plates, forks, spoons, etc. depending on the snack you send in. I don't have these things on hand. 
    • Lysol Wipes are the best invention! At the end of each day we wipe down our desks, computer keyboards, etc. This helps us kill the germs and keeps us healthy. If you're at the store and think to pick up wipes, please do! Throughout the year our supply gets low and we will need to restock! 
    • Send in an extra pair of clothes in case there is an accident that day. An extra set of clothes always helps make the situation better. The extra set can be kept in your child's locker. 

  • Lice & Illness
    • Lice is an ongoing problem. Please check your child's hair frequently.  The internet has lots of useful information to prevent and treat lice.  Feel free to ask Nurse Haas or myself if you have any questions. 
    • Illnesses happen and we try to prevent the cold and flu bug from spreading. Please keep your child at home if they are feeling under the weather.  Feeling yucky and being at school leads to a distracted, miserable and unproductive day! Call the office to notify Mrs. Ludwig if your child will not be in school. Homework can be sent home per request. 

  • Be A Kid!
    • The student will have fun! 
    • The student will be silly and excited! 
    • Your child will be active, out of their seat and learning in any way that works for them. 
    • We will have a memorable year together! 

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